The Wild West

The Wild West is not so much a nation as it is poorly mapped areas not properly claimed by anyone. There are occasional towns and cities spread throughout this wilderness, but there's nobody truly in charge, and the people there tend to be of the independent-minded sort. 

The state of The Wild West is largely unknown  among the other countries of the world.


The Kiki-tribe

This tribe of halflings reside in the eastern part of the Wild West. They are known for wearing wooden tiki-masks, and being born with a proficiency with simple fire-magic.

Their leader and shaman is called Pakoko, he is easily recognisable by his large mask surrounded by colored feathers. Pakoko is proficient with a lot of druidic magic.

Their battle-champion is an orc they found in the wild as a baby, and raised as their own. He is known as Beka-Beka and is very strong. He wields a battleaxe to combat.
The Kiki-tribe's way of finding out if someone is worth their time, is to challenge the strongest member of a group to a duel with their champion. Whereby the entire tribe will gather in a circle and chant for their chosen to win.
Beka-Beka was one beaten by Romdral Soulhammer, a cleric of Moradin. Whereupon Romdral was crowned the new champion of the Kiki-tribe. Romdral quickly resigned (within seconds). Beka-Beka then returned to his role as champion.

The Fury Horde

This clan consists of orcs, who have taken the old ruined city of Bromnaheim as their own. Because they have trouble with long names, they call their city Bromm.
The city is partially constructed wood frames and leather on top of the old ruins, and partially crudely structured tents and camps.

The orcs here are known to be particularly fierce in battle. Before they ride to war, they eat a special kind of mushroom found within the jungle. The mushroom drives whoever eats it into a furious blind rage.

Adventures had in the Wild west:


Races: Elves, orcs, humans, goblins, halflings, centaurs, oozes, dryads

The Wild West

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