The Seventh Circle

The Seventh Circle is a group of individuals who seek to protect the natural world in all its forms as well as protecting innocents from it. They know the wild as no other, but in turn they are often less skilled when it comes to dealing with issues within cities and towns.

They have three core tenets:

  1. Nature in all its forms must be protected.
  2. Forces seeking to harm the balance of nature must be destroyed.
  3. Innocents cannot always protect themselves. Sometimes, they must be protected from Nature.

Members of the Seventh Circle frequently operate individually, though they also sometimes work together in small groups. Only for the gravest of threats do they gather in larger numbers. For the most part, the guild's leaders serve to coordinate the efforts of individuals and small groups so that even if they do not work directly together, they are working towards the same goals.

Core membership

Druids, rangers, barbarians & nature-oriented bards.

The Seventh Circle

Kollaborativ Verden for Både Kort og Bredt HDG