The Mirrithim

Exactly where the Mirrithim originated is unknown. One day they simply were there, guarding merchant compounds and caravans alike. Of the prosperous guilds, theirs is perhaps the most numerous, though the Knights of the Silver Horn are not far behind. However, they rarely gather in large groups, instead being spread out throughout the lands on countless missions of varying import. Where some guilds restrict their recruitment to certain classes, the Mirrithim accept anyone, be he a holy paladin, a noble warrior or a lowly cutpurse.


  1. Who you were matters not. The Mirrithim is your family now. Even as you watch out for us, we will watch out for you.
  2. You are the master of your own destiny. The guild will provide you the tools, but you will make yourself.
  3. Loyalty has its rewards. Serve well, and you will rise far.

Core memberships

All classes are welcome among the Mirrithim

The Mirrithim

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