The Knights of the Silver Horn

The Knights of the Silver Horn are first and foremost noble warriors. Some of their members come from the nobility, others from less illustrious origins. To them it does not matter what weapon you fight with, so long as you do it for a noble cause.


  1. If evil, whatever its form, is to be thwarted, all must stand united against it.
  2. Protecting the innocent and obeying orders are the means to gaining Glory and Honor.
  3. Your origins matter not, so long as you prove yourself worthy.

The Knights of the Silver Horn fight both individually, in small groups and as part of large armies. Though nobles are guaranteed to rise far in their ranks if they prove their mettle, the same is true for those of lesser origins. More than a few commoners have become both knights and landowners through service to the guild.

Core membership

Fighters, paladins and some spellcasters.

The Knights of the Silver Horn

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