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  • Gilded Domains

    A highly bureaucratic nation named The United Guild States, ostensibly ruled by a large bureaucracy, but where pretty much everything is done by the various guilds, some who serve themselves, others who secretly serve external powers. 

  • Shadowmarch

    What the nation of Shadowmarch is described as, depends on who you ask. If you ask the [[The White Priesthood]], you will probably get lots of biased views, on how its pure evil and a festering sore upon the land and so on. If you ask others, it might …

  • The Wild West

    The Wild West is not so much a nation as it is poorly mapped areas not properly claimed by anyone. There are occasional towns and cities spread throughout this wilderness, but there's nobody truly in charge, and the people there tend to be of …

  • Northern Tundra

    As the name suggests, the Northern Tundra is cold. And inhospitable. And cold. Really, really cold.
     In fact, nobody in their right mind choose to live there if they can avoid it. Its desolate, cold, and not capable of sustaining a …

  • Eastern Emporium

    Outside its borders, not too much is known about the Eastern Emporium. To many, it seems like it has been there forever. Its distant enough to have its own culture and was only marginally affected by the fall of the Empire of Grayharbor.

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