Kollaborativ Verden for Både Kort og Bredt

Invation of The Mine

The Party: 

Cora (Halfling ranger)
Chippy (Cora's pet squirrel)
Wista (Dwarf paladin)
Jack "Dipper" Smellycheese (Human fighter)
Brexit "Breakneck" Bearon (Gnome druid)
Brann Walker (Human rogue)
Amrik (Hlaf-elf bard)

In the morning the party was summoned to headquarters by Cptn. Tor Hardy. He's got some bad news for the adventurers: Kobolds have invaded The Mine on the north side of Three-Top mountain. The quest is to drive out the infesting kobolds. 

The party decides to prepare for camping in the wilds rather than to try the potential hospitality of a farmers family. After getting hold of the necessary supplies for the two-day long journey, they are off. 

Around midday, in the middle of the farmlands east of Harpy Town, the party is surprised by two ankhegs! The hoorible creatures are near to take down one of the party members, but in the end, Jack "Dipper" slays one of the beasts, and Brexit "Breakneck" in bearform bites the neck off the last, taking some poison damage. The bear doesn't care. When the danger is over, the party rests for a bit and regain some energy before moving on.

Realizing that he can speak with Chippy The Squirrel, Brexit sends him off ahead to warn the party of possible dangers. And sure enough, the party gets frequent reports of fearsome foxes, wolves, and other predators of the forest. 

Late in the evening however, Chippy is returning absolutely terrified. Appearantly, she (he??) is sensing something terrible eastwards. The party is happy that their mission is northwards, and ignores the fact that this danger was in the direction of the farm that they could have tried to sleep over at.

Next morning, the party continues it's jpurney, with Chippy scouting ahead. The day goes as before; Chippy is dutifully reporting dangerous predators. In the afternoon, though, Brexit interprets the word "dragonpeople" from Chippy. They immediately suspects that they are closing in on the kobolds. And sure enough, up ahead is the very mine they are looking for, and outside 5 kobolds are surrounding a cart, dragged by a poor mule. 

The adventurers decides to try and free the poor animal from the vicious kobolds, and engages in combat. Without too great difficulties, the kobolds are slaughtered.  They find some metal bars and some emeralds in the cart.
However, when trying to calm and free the mule from it's restrains, it flees off into the forest in a panic. Cora runs after it, and after a few minutes she finds him in a little glade. She approach the animal and tries to befriend it. Once again the mule flees in a panic. Cora gives up, and returns to the rest of her friends besides The Mine. 

Back in The Mine entrance, Jack is discussing a plan for engaging The Mine itself, and what might bee in there. He suggests to empty the cart for it's treasure, and fill it with dry twigs and leaves, in order to kindle the cart, and send it rushing down The Mine, smoking out whatever enemies that may lurk in there. The rest of the party agrees this is a good plan, and they make their preparations.

When Cora have returned from her failed rescue attempt, the last twigs are placed, and so they kindle the cart. A little way down the most perceptive of them can hear a chunk from something sharp hitting the side of the wooden cart. After waiting in ambush at the entrance for quite some time, they are surprised to notice that nothing is running out of The Mine. Still on guard and torches lit, they enter The Mine.

At the very end of The Mine, the tunnel widens into a small cave. Some way off the entrance to the cave, Brexit cleverly transforms into a bat, and flies into the cave. There he senses four humanoid creatures, seemingly waiting for an ambush. Brexit returns and reports his observations. The party decides to ro rush in, blades shining and arrows whistling in an attempt to surprise their patient assassins. When faced with the enemy, they realize that they are dragonborn cultists. One particularly ominous persona is standing at the very end of the cave, casting spells, and seems to be quite confident in his own powers to take down the adventurers. But the adventurers are fearless, and slays his companions. When standing alone against the whole party, and with Jack and Wista in his face, he realizes that he is the lesser opponent, and surrenders to the threats of Jack. 

In interrogation, the spellcaster admits to robbing The Mine, but is secretive about his motives. Unable to get any more information out of him, the party his happy to bring him back to the dungeons of Harpy Town. 



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