Kollaborativ Verden for Både Kort og Bredt

Fight back The Tide


Jack "Dipper" Smellycheese – Human fighter
Sylla - High elf rogue
Brann Walker – Human rogue
Catalis – Dwarf cleric

After years of plundering "The Blue Road", Captain Atwood "Tide Turner" Vile and his pirates have allied themselves with the bullywugs, and now have complete control of what is now called "The Muddy Shore".

These brave heroes of Harpers Guild got the mission to fight back Captn. "Tide Turner" and his minions away from his stronghold, an old Harper outpost in "The Muddy Shore". 

The party chooses to take the southward way, and takes The Ferry over "The Blue Road", just south of the mouth of The Sapphire Lake. The strong heroes Jack and Catalis are pulling the rope of The Ferry. However, midway over the waters they are ambushed by three of "Tide Turners" crocodile pirates. Catalis drops the rope and starts casting spells at the villains, while Jack struggles in solitude to get the party closer to shore. Sylla and Brann let their arrows fly. When one of the pirates gets too close to Jack, he too joins the fray. Our heroes fight valiantly against the pirates and their fearsome beasts, and soon the river is painted red, and the last crocodile swims away, tail between its legs. 

In the marches that follows, they can clearly hear the "Rrrraabbit!"-ing of frogs, and well prepared for what follows the party meets the Bellywugs and their Giant Toad, blades at the ready. The Giant Toad tries to swallow one of the party members, but ones again our warriors fights well and defeats the the not-so-stealthy ambushers. 

After the heavy battling, the party decides to take a short rest i the marches before sneaking towards the outpost in the darkness of night. 

They reach the outpost shortly after sundown. The outpost is a ruin with a harbour located on a little island on the banks of "The Muddy Shore", amongst a labyrinth of criss-crossing rivers. Pirates are patrolling the waters, and bullywugs are sentinels on the small islands. 

Brann and Sylla climbs onto some of the nearest trees before Jack and Catalis charge foreward, jumping onto the nearest island. One of the bullywugs jumps away "Rrrabbiting" for reinforcements. Shortly afterwards crocodile-pirates are flanking their island. Supported by shots from the forest and spells from the bank, Jack clears the first wave of enemies. The rogues jump down from their trees and runs towards their allies as they advance their attack onto the main island where the outpost is. "Tide Turner" himself with his gruesome beast of a crocodile and his personal guard of pirates tries to fend back the intruders as arrows fly from the tower of the outpost. "Tide Turner"'s blade is whirling as he yells and curses the intruders. With some effort he is defeated however, by our heroes. Jack runs up the tower and slays the archer before he is able to make an escape. 

In the tower they find a chest of fine silk, as well as some gold. At the return to Harp City they are rewarded for the price of "Tide Turner"'s head.
Jack "Dipper" is convinced that in the end "Tide Turner" was all talk and no muscle. 



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