Kollaborativ Verden for Både Kort og Bredt

Project Outpost

Mission to locate and set up a permanent Harper's outpost near shadowmarch

Guildmaster Elgerion Nalgiran summoned three Harper's members (Bran the Human rogue, Leif the Dwarven paladin, Aust the Half-elven bard) to his office, assigning them the mission of locating and clearing out a suitable ruined fortress/outpost near Shadowmarch to set up a permanent harpers presence in this region.  Surveillance options for the gates to Shadowmarch is preferable, but not mandatory. Good strong walls that can easily be restored as well as a fixable magic portal is of higher priority.

They emerged at a semi-random location as per the flaws of a teleportation spell without a portal chamber at the terminus. Their landing put them in a forest. Somehow, a wizard of uncertain origins had also been grabbed by the spell. After a bit of "who are you?" back and forth he identified himself as Tim the human Wizard: Then they ended up climbing a tree to figure out where they were. There they spotted what would be one of the two bodies of water on their map, and headed for that.

After a fight with a frolicky group of satyrs and a dryad, in which Paladin Leif thought it wise to stand on his head for a good while before he fell asleep and remained that way for a total of roughly half the battle, they killed them all, igniting a bit of forest in the process.

After arriving at the large lake and following it north to an old road, they camped for the night. Next day, they decided to play with a pit trap someone had dug in the road (it lost), before venturing on to find a crossroads. Having no idea which direction was best, they ventured north, where they found an ogre. It too died, its head burned away by the Wizard's Scorching ray. On the Ogre, they found an Earthen Helm and a pig.

They continued north, eventually camping for the night. During the night the man on watch (Bran the Rogue) failed to spot the prowling owlbear, which killed their newfound pig. Later, it charged the players after Bran shot it with an arrow, stomping on Tim's head in the process, ending his career. After this, it attacked both Aust and Leif.

Shortly thereafter, someone else (Ghesh the Dragonborn Sorcerer) came bumbling in, critically wounding the owlbear in the process. They dismantled the owlbear taking both claws and the beak, as well as disemboweling it to check stomach for valuable treasure. Bran snuck away a dagger from therein, and Ghesh ate something the owlbear had eaten first. He did not mind the fact that it could easily have been human flesh.

They finished their rest, woke up reasonably refreshed and moved on, reaching the mountain they'd spotted late the previous afternoon (after climbing another tree). They decided not to try to climb the sheer cliffs, instead went east to search the mountain for alternate routes up requiring less climbing.

Upon that journey, they encountered a traveling merchant, who called himself Gaulder the Tinkerer. Naturally suspicious of a venerable old man traveling alone in these lands, one of them tried to see if the tinkerer had anything magical about him, but only discovered that he definitely had access to some magic.

From there, they bought a few items, including a box of Tohr'valls surprises. A mix of various sweets and snacks known to have healing properties. The Sorcerer also bought a frying pan.

End session #1.



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