Kollaborativ Verden for Både Kort og Bredt

Journey to the west

Characters involved:

  • Oda (druid)
  • Leif (paladin)
  • Wolf (fighter)
  • Romdral (cleric)
  • Eghill (rogue) (only towards the end)
  • Sigvard Trapper (NPC)


The party was tasked to go into the western wildlands by the Harper's mapmaking department.

Their goal was to find and map a road to a temple located somewhere in the middle of the wildlands. They are told it holds secrets to unlock the history of tha land, and even information about the formation of the Harper guild.

When at the temple, they were instructed to put down a Beacon Stone, a magical artifact that can be located if you have the corresponding Tracker Stone. Then teleport home using a scroll.


The adventure starts with our heroes three days into their travel to the west. With them is a harper guide, Sigvard Tracker, that claims to have traveled these lands before.

The first landmark they encounter is a rock formation atop a small hill.
Upon closer inspection they see that it is a rock-house.
-They knock at the door, but no one answers.
-They try the handle.
-It is open.
-They inspect the first floor. There are shelves carved out of the rocky walls, with several small rocks lined up carefully. None of the rocks are magical.
-Alone in the house is the presumed owners pet. A huge ostrich-looking bird. The party befriends it.
-They hear shouting in a booming voice from outside, the owner has returned. And he is none too pleased with the intruders.
The owner wears a wide-brimmed hat with a feather in it, and is escorted by two rock golems.
-They befriend this resident, whom turns out to be an Elf Bard, that lives here and collects rocks.
-The following information is gathered from the bard:

  • West from here lies an evil temple.
  • The location you are looking for lies to the south-west.
  • You have to move around the circle-mountains.
  • Do not eat mushrooms.
  • Native tribes are in the area.
  • Alluring Spirits roam certain points of the jungle.

The party decides to travel southward first.

-They encounter an elephant-bird being chased by a tiger.
-This is quickly resolved by Oda shapeshifting into a bear, thereby scaring the tiger away.

Day 4
-Suddenly, the party hears drums.
-The sound is coming from the direction they are moving in.
-Nevertheless, te party continues on their way.
It does not take long before they are sorrounded by a tribe of halflings, all of them wearing tiki-masks.
-They all start to chant "CHAMPION! CHAMPION!"
-Romdral is picked out to fight the Kiki-tribe's champion.
-Leif tries sneakily to help from the sidelines, but none of his magic seems to work.
-Before long though, Romdral defeats the campion, and is crowned te new champion of the Kiki-tribe.
-Romdral gives the title back after they try to remove his armor to paint his chest.

-At the end of the day, the party stumbles upon an old overgrown building, that might once have been a grain-mill.
-After thorough searching of the old mill, the find an old dwarven warhammer beneath a heap of dirt and mold. It seems in pristine condition. Romdral claims the weapon.
-Wolf kills a snake he found beneath a rock.Romdral cooks it in beer. -> Beersnake/Bearsnake
-Oda and Wolf go hunting, and kill an elephant-bird.

Day 5
The party is moving westward now.
-The terrain seems to have changed. The bushes and trees seem to bear more flowers and fruit.
-More discussion of Beersnakes.
-The party camps for the night.
-During the night (on Wolf's watch). Dryads appear, and try to lure the only awake one into the jungle. Away from his friends.
-Wolf resists their magical charm, and fights them.
-The dryads run away when they see they are being outmatched.

Day 6
-Some half-eaten animal cadavers are lying on the side of their path.
-They hear hooting in the distance.
-Suddenly a feathered face appears behind some vines. An owlbear.
-It seems enraged somehow, and it also has a rider on its back. An orc, that also seems enraged.
-The party figures out that they both are "poisoned". Oda casts 'Cure Disease' on both of them. This causes the owlbear to flee, and the orc to become even more angry.
-They kill the Orc before he does any damage.
-Behind the vines, they find a camp, there are sighns that both the owlbear and the orc has eaten soe mushrooms.
-In a tree there is a cage, with a naked human male in it.
-They rescue him, and find out his name is Eghill. He suffers emory loss, and does not know how he got here.
-Eghill joins them, with no other options.

Day 7
-Sigvard says he recognises the area. He says that an open space with a humongus tree in the middle is directly to the west.
-Party investigates, and sure enough.
-They are all hesitant to move into the open space, but after some consulting Oda just goes for it.
-Turns out the tree is alive. His name is Cherrytwig, and he seems really happy to get some company. He explains to the party that he is the guardian of this jungle, than goes on to ask them for stories of their travels, since he has been alone for such a long time.
-The party stays with him, and shares stories and even some alcohol with Cherrytwig.
-Cherrytwig seems rather bumed about them leaving in the morning, so during the night (Romdral's watch). He tries to bind them in place with his roots.
-Romdral intimidates the ancient forest-guarian tree by threatening to turn him into toilet-brushes.
-Cherrytwig is sorry, and says he was actig rash. As a consolidation gift he grants the party one magical quarter-staff(can cast “locate trees or plants”, “speak with plants” or “barkskin”), and a magical acorn, that if eaten, answers any unanswered question about the natural world. (auto-success on nature check.)

Day 8
-Finally they are at the great temple.
-Looks like an entire civilization once lived here.
-It is totally abandoned.
-They plant the Beacon Stone.
-Then searches the place for a while. They find a few valuable gems and a Driftglobe (magical floaty glowy rock).
-Then they teleport home to Harper City.



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