Kollaborativ Verden for Både Kort og Bredt

Fight back The Tide


Jack "Dipper" Smellycheese – Human fighter
Sylla - High elf rogue
Brann Walker – Human rogue
Catalis – Dwarf cleric

After years of plundering "The Blue Road", Captain Atwood "Tide Turner" Vile and his pirates have allied themselves with the bullywugs, and now have complete control of what is now called "The Muddy Shore".

These brave heroes of Harpers Guild got the mission to fight back Captn. "Tide Turner" and his minions away from his stronghold, an old Harper outpost in "The Muddy Shore". 

The party chooses to take the southward way, and takes The Ferry over "The Blue Road", just south of the mouth of The Sapphire Lake. The strong heroes Jack and Catalis are pulling the rope of The Ferry. However, midway over the waters they are ambushed by three of "Tide Turners" crocodile pirates. Catalis drops the rope and starts casting spells at the villains, while Jack struggles in solitude to get the party closer to shore. Sylla and Brann let their arrows fly. When one of the pirates gets too close to Jack, he too joins the fray. Our heroes fight valiantly against the pirates and their fearsome beasts, and soon the river is painted red, and the last crocodile swims away, tail between its legs. 

In the marches that follows, they can clearly hear the "Rrrraabbit!"-ing of frogs, and well prepared for what follows the party meets the Bellywugs and their Giant Toad, blades at the ready. The Giant Toad tries to swallow one of the party members, but ones again our warriors fights well and defeats the the not-so-stealthy ambushers. 

After the heavy battling, the party decides to take a short rest i the marches before sneaking towards the outpost in the darkness of night. 

They reach the outpost shortly after sundown. The outpost is a ruin with a harbour located on a little island on the banks of "The Muddy Shore", amongst a labyrinth of criss-crossing rivers. Pirates are patrolling the waters, and bullywugs are sentinels on the small islands. 

Brann and Sylla climbs onto some of the nearest trees before Jack and Catalis charge foreward, jumping onto the nearest island. One of the bullywugs jumps away "Rrrabbiting" for reinforcements. Shortly afterwards crocodile-pirates are flanking their island. Supported by shots from the forest and spells from the bank, Jack clears the first wave of enemies. The rogues jump down from their trees and runs towards their allies as they advance their attack onto the main island where the outpost is. "Tide Turner" himself with his gruesome beast of a crocodile and his personal guard of pirates tries to fend back the intruders as arrows fly from the tower of the outpost. "Tide Turner"'s blade is whirling as he yells and curses the intruders. With some effort he is defeated however, by our heroes. Jack runs up the tower and slays the archer before he is able to make an escape. 

In the tower they find a chest of fine silk, as well as some gold. At the return to Harp City they are rewarded for the price of "Tide Turner"'s head.
Jack "Dipper" is convinced that in the end "Tide Turner" was all talk and no muscle. 

The Drow Slavers

Characters in the party:

* Merric

* Wolf

"Helpful" NPCs:

*Florian the elf botanist

*Dreven Morelli, an undercover Harper in the drow slavers midst.


The adventure starts out with our two heroes escorting the botanist Florian to the wildlands.
The Harpers are looking for a plant to use for poisons, and the Bitanium Aziddius-plant contains a potent poison that paralyzes its victim.

After finding the grounds where the plant grows, the party was ambushed by a pack of Drows. Using the plants poison to their advantage, the drow quickly paralyzes the party, blindfolds them and carry them off to be sold as slaves in the underdark.

In the prison, they are visited by the dungeon's keeper, Lady Loom. She asks her companions if any of the 'new batch' are elvish. When she finds out Florian is an elf, she requests him to be brought to the sacrificial chamber by sundown.

About an hour after Lady Loom's visit, the players are set loose by Dreven Morelli. He also gives them their stuff back. His request is that they leave quietly, and leave Florian behind. To not enrage Lady Loom.

The players chooses to not heed Dreven's wish, and brings Florian with them on their escape.

They use some time to survey the area.

Then they stuble upon the sacrificial chamber. Where Lady Loom hangs out. 

She is suprise by their presence, but acts aloof. She says "Ah, I see the sacrifice has brought himself to the sacrificial chamber".

She summons a bunch of Chitines from an adjacent room, and the g\battle begins.

Wolf tries to keep the Chitines at bay, but they are slippery buggers, and not easily blocked off.

Merric tries to keep Lady Loom busy, but she does manage to tie down Florian and stab him with a sacrificial dagger. After that the drow's crew is dispatched, not without injury to our heroes.

Florian is in real bad shape though. He is beginning his transformation to become a Chitine himself.

Wolf does a quick ethical think-through before smashing the poor florist with his hammer.

Our heroes have a run in with some Cave Fishers on the way out, they sustain heavy damage and need to rest.

Here they run into Dreven again, he scolds them for ruining his operation and killing Lady Loom, but decides he will join forces with them to get them out of here.

In the last room they fight three drows, along with "the guardian". A Flameskull accompanied by 8 Crawling Claws to mimic the moves of a spider.

Dreven charges in and engages with the guardian. Blocking the way for his allies.

Wolf tries to help by killing the Crawling Claws when they climb onto Dreven, but ends up killing their poor drow friend instead.

They dispatch of their adversaries and collect their loot.


The End.

Project Outpost (Part 2)

The adventure starts out where it left off the previous session, with the players just having finished trading with Gaulder the Tinkerer. They continue around the mountain, finding that it is a good bit larger than they expected. After a short period of time, one of them notices what might at one time have been a road heading straight off from their current path, directly towards the mountain.

After convincing the others that it is there, they investigate it, finding a long-abandoned mine, which they intend to investigate. However, their dragonborn companion, the sorcerer Ghesh, refuses to go into the mine. Nothing they try will convince him otherwise.

Unwilling to abandon the mission, the other three proceed into the mine. While some of them see well enough in the darkness of the mine, Bran the Rogue is forced to light a torch to be able to see. As they proceed deeper in, they find that the mine tunnel twists and turns, frequently branching. However, all but one of the tunnels are blocked by rubble, some appearing to have caved in on their own, others clearly having been deliberately collapsed with tools. They see no way through the blocked passages.

They proceed along the single open route, which continues twisting and branching into collapsed tunnels, until they eventually emerge into a natural cavern. roughly halfway across this cavern, they are ambushed by a pair of Gricks, who have chosen this place as their current hunting ground.

After dispatching the gricks, disemboweling them and bringing along whatever treasure they considered valuable from them as well as a few parts (including a "steak" of sorts), they proceed onwards. After a good while more, they emerge into another, similar cave. However, this cave is not the same as one with gricks. They immediately spot a series of four lights placed several meters above floor level.

Before they can do much of any investigation, a voice shouts out to them, demanding to know their business. That voice turns out to belong to a hobgoblin. They do their best to question it and to bluff their way past it, but the hobgoblin has orders not to let anyone past. They debate means of trying to get past it and its fellows, but eventually decide that all their plans are unlikely to succeed. Especially considering that the hobgoblin claims that its "general" and the rest of its legion are above, in the ruin. Thus they decide to turn back, heading out.

When they do get back out, they find that Ghesh is gone, having left no trace of himself. They then proceed further around the mountain, having decided to head for one of the other ruins that were supposed to be to the northwest of their current location.

After uneventfully traveling much of the rest of the day, they eventually set up camp, but not until after convincing Leif that sleeping in the small lake they found is not going to work. They cooked the grick "steak", though Leif was the only one willing (and able) to stomach the giant worm-like meat. With his dwarven resilience, he suffered no significant consequences from this. The others chose to eat the three fishes caught by Aust instead, one of which Bran filched after gutting (and searching for loot).

When they woke up the next morning, after a seemingly uneventful night, neither Aust nor Leif were feeling too well. In Leif's case, his armor was a bit tight across the belly. In Aust's case, the symptoms were not as clear. His hair was unusually long, and his clothes did not quite fit as well as they day before and that he was quite tired in spite of the long rest. Not having much of any clue about all this, they suspected it might be some sort of regional magical effect, and determined that getting out of the area would be wise. Thus they packed up and left.

After another several hours, they came across what appeared to be a massive stone creature, which they vaguely recalled to be an elephant. One of them eventually realized that it must've been some sort of statue to represent a deity. Finding nothing else of interest, they marked it on their map and moved on.

When they after another good number of hours came to a ridge, they saw a small mountain not far from where they were, but much closer than their map implied it should be. At its foot they saw evidence of habitation. When they moved closer, Leif recognized the style of the structures as dwarven. Drawing on his knowledge of his people, he knew they were not the evil Duergar, who do not like going aboveground if they can possibly avoid it.

They entered the small settlement, fairly quickly figuring out that it was a mining settlement and not some sort of village. There they waited for a few hours until one of the miners they could hear within the mountain emerged with a cart of Mithral ore. They greeted him, and he recognized the symbol of Moradin on Leif's chest. In short order, they found themselves sharing some of Leif's ale with a large group of dwarven miners, who in turn provided ample food. Many hours and a bit of arm-wrestling later, they retired into the beds offered by the noticeably inebriated dwarves. As the beds were designed for dwarves, Bran was forced to wrap his feet in his cloak, as his bed was far too short for him.

The following morning, Leif noticed that his armor seemed to be even tighter across the belly. Aust in turn discovered that he was at least as tired this morning as the one before, but that that was the least of his issues. Though they were the same clothes as he'd worn the previous days, they fit even more poorly now. His hair had grown even longer during the night, and he had taken on a considerable number of other physical traits more normally associated with females. A bit of creative use of magic, and he determined that somehow, he had begun to change into a woman. Though he could determine that the source of the effect was external both for him and for Leif, he did not figure out the origin for Leif. For himself, he got hints that it may have a link to the Tabard he had looted from a Satyr earlier in the mission. As they had no means at their disposal for lifting curses, they could only let it go on, though he no doubt had mixed feelings about it all.

They spotted a rough path heading west towards the dwarves' home, but chose instead to head straight north, so as not to risk missing their target. About two fifths of the way towards the mountain, they were suddenly ambushed by a group of well-armed bandits (1 scout, 6 thugs). Though they defeated these foes, it was not an easy fight. In addition to that, the day was already getting late, as they had gotten a quite late start that morning. Thus they decided to camp for the night. That is, after looting the bodies of the bandits.

When they woke up the next morning, Leif's armor was, not too unexpectedly, even tighter across the belly. However, in Aust's case, the changes were even more severe. In the span of that night, the magical effect transforming him had completed its work. When he woke up that morning, he had none of his masculine traits left. The curse that had been changing him had now completely turned him into her.


End Session #2.

Project Outpost
Mission to locate and set up a permanent Harper's outpost near shadowmarch

Guildmaster Elgerion Nalgiran summoned three Harper's members (Bran the Human rogue, Leif the Dwarven paladin, Aust the Half-elven bard) to his office, assigning them the mission of locating and clearing out a suitable ruined fortress/outpost near Shadowmarch to set up a permanent harpers presence in this region.  Surveillance options for the gates to Shadowmarch is preferable, but not mandatory. Good strong walls that can easily be restored as well as a fixable magic portal is of higher priority.

They emerged at a semi-random location as per the flaws of a teleportation spell without a portal chamber at the terminus. Their landing put them in a forest. Somehow, a wizard of uncertain origins had also been grabbed by the spell. After a bit of "who are you?" back and forth he identified himself as Tim the human Wizard: Then they ended up climbing a tree to figure out where they were. There they spotted what would be one of the two bodies of water on their map, and headed for that.

After a fight with a frolicky group of satyrs and a dryad, in which Paladin Leif thought it wise to stand on his head for a good while before he fell asleep and remained that way for a total of roughly half the battle, they killed them all, igniting a bit of forest in the process.

After arriving at the large lake and following it north to an old road, they camped for the night. Next day, they decided to play with a pit trap someone had dug in the road (it lost), before venturing on to find a crossroads. Having no idea which direction was best, they ventured north, where they found an ogre. It too died, its head burned away by the Wizard's Scorching ray. On the Ogre, they found an Earthen Helm and a pig.

They continued north, eventually camping for the night. During the night the man on watch (Bran the Rogue) failed to spot the prowling owlbear, which killed their newfound pig. Later, it charged the players after Bran shot it with an arrow, stomping on Tim's head in the process, ending his career. After this, it attacked both Aust and Leif.

Shortly thereafter, someone else (Ghesh the Dragonborn Sorcerer) came bumbling in, critically wounding the owlbear in the process. They dismantled the owlbear taking both claws and the beak, as well as disemboweling it to check stomach for valuable treasure. Bran snuck away a dagger from therein, and Ghesh ate something the owlbear had eaten first. He did not mind the fact that it could easily have been human flesh.

They finished their rest, woke up reasonably refreshed and moved on, reaching the mountain they'd spotted late the previous afternoon (after climbing another tree). They decided not to try to climb the sheer cliffs, instead went east to search the mountain for alternate routes up requiring less climbing.

Upon that journey, they encountered a traveling merchant, who called himself Gaulder the Tinkerer. Naturally suspicious of a venerable old man traveling alone in these lands, one of them tried to see if the tinkerer had anything magical about him, but only discovered that he definitely had access to some magic.

From there, they bought a few items, including a box of Tohr'valls surprises. A mix of various sweets and snacks known to have healing properties. The Sorcerer also bought a frying pan.

End session #1.

Invation of The Mine

The Party: 

Cora (Halfling ranger)
Chippy (Cora's pet squirrel)
Wista (Dwarf paladin)
Jack "Dipper" Smellycheese (Human fighter)
Brexit "Breakneck" Bearon (Gnome druid)
Brann Walker (Human rogue)
Amrik (Hlaf-elf bard)

In the morning the party was summoned to headquarters by Cptn. Tor Hardy. He's got some bad news for the adventurers: Kobolds have invaded The Mine on the north side of Three-Top mountain. The quest is to drive out the infesting kobolds. 

The party decides to prepare for camping in the wilds rather than to try the potential hospitality of a farmers family. After getting hold of the necessary supplies for the two-day long journey, they are off. 

Around midday, in the middle of the farmlands east of Harpy Town, the party is surprised by two ankhegs! The hoorible creatures are near to take down one of the party members, but in the end, Jack "Dipper" slays one of the beasts, and Brexit "Breakneck" in bearform bites the neck off the last, taking some poison damage. The bear doesn't care. When the danger is over, the party rests for a bit and regain some energy before moving on.

Realizing that he can speak with Chippy The Squirrel, Brexit sends him off ahead to warn the party of possible dangers. And sure enough, the party gets frequent reports of fearsome foxes, wolves, and other predators of the forest. 

Late in the evening however, Chippy is returning absolutely terrified. Appearantly, she (he??) is sensing something terrible eastwards. The party is happy that their mission is northwards, and ignores the fact that this danger was in the direction of the farm that they could have tried to sleep over at.

Next morning, the party continues it's jpurney, with Chippy scouting ahead. The day goes as before; Chippy is dutifully reporting dangerous predators. In the afternoon, though, Brexit interprets the word "dragonpeople" from Chippy. They immediately suspects that they are closing in on the kobolds. And sure enough, up ahead is the very mine they are looking for, and outside 5 kobolds are surrounding a cart, dragged by a poor mule. 

The adventurers decides to try and free the poor animal from the vicious kobolds, and engages in combat. Without too great difficulties, the kobolds are slaughtered.  They find some metal bars and some emeralds in the cart.
However, when trying to calm and free the mule from it's restrains, it flees off into the forest in a panic. Cora runs after it, and after a few minutes she finds him in a little glade. She approach the animal and tries to befriend it. Once again the mule flees in a panic. Cora gives up, and returns to the rest of her friends besides The Mine. 

Back in The Mine entrance, Jack is discussing a plan for engaging The Mine itself, and what might bee in there. He suggests to empty the cart for it's treasure, and fill it with dry twigs and leaves, in order to kindle the cart, and send it rushing down The Mine, smoking out whatever enemies that may lurk in there. The rest of the party agrees this is a good plan, and they make their preparations.

When Cora have returned from her failed rescue attempt, the last twigs are placed, and so they kindle the cart. A little way down the most perceptive of them can hear a chunk from something sharp hitting the side of the wooden cart. After waiting in ambush at the entrance for quite some time, they are surprised to notice that nothing is running out of The Mine. Still on guard and torches lit, they enter The Mine.

At the very end of The Mine, the tunnel widens into a small cave. Some way off the entrance to the cave, Brexit cleverly transforms into a bat, and flies into the cave. There he senses four humanoid creatures, seemingly waiting for an ambush. Brexit returns and reports his observations. The party decides to ro rush in, blades shining and arrows whistling in an attempt to surprise their patient assassins. When faced with the enemy, they realize that they are dragonborn cultists. One particularly ominous persona is standing at the very end of the cave, casting spells, and seems to be quite confident in his own powers to take down the adventurers. But the adventurers are fearless, and slays his companions. When standing alone against the whole party, and with Jack and Wista in his face, he realizes that he is the lesser opponent, and surrenders to the threats of Jack. 

In interrogation, the spellcaster admits to robbing The Mine, but is secretive about his motives. Unable to get any more information out of him, the party his happy to bring him back to the dungeons of Harpy Town. 

Journey to the west

Characters involved:

  • Oda (druid)
  • Leif (paladin)
  • Wolf (fighter)
  • Romdral (cleric)
  • Eghill (rogue) (only towards the end)
  • Sigvard Trapper (NPC)


The party was tasked to go into the western wildlands by the Harper's mapmaking department.

Their goal was to find and map a road to a temple located somewhere in the middle of the wildlands. They are told it holds secrets to unlock the history of tha land, and even information about the formation of the Harper guild.

When at the temple, they were instructed to put down a Beacon Stone, a magical artifact that can be located if you have the corresponding Tracker Stone. Then teleport home using a scroll.


The adventure starts with our heroes three days into their travel to the west. With them is a harper guide, Sigvard Tracker, that claims to have traveled these lands before.

The first landmark they encounter is a rock formation atop a small hill.
Upon closer inspection they see that it is a rock-house.
-They knock at the door, but no one answers.
-They try the handle.
-It is open.
-They inspect the first floor. There are shelves carved out of the rocky walls, with several small rocks lined up carefully. None of the rocks are magical.
-Alone in the house is the presumed owners pet. A huge ostrich-looking bird. The party befriends it.
-They hear shouting in a booming voice from outside, the owner has returned. And he is none too pleased with the intruders.
The owner wears a wide-brimmed hat with a feather in it, and is escorted by two rock golems.
-They befriend this resident, whom turns out to be an Elf Bard, that lives here and collects rocks.
-The following information is gathered from the bard:

  • West from here lies an evil temple.
  • The location you are looking for lies to the south-west.
  • You have to move around the circle-mountains.
  • Do not eat mushrooms.
  • Native tribes are in the area.
  • Alluring Spirits roam certain points of the jungle.

The party decides to travel southward first.

-They encounter an elephant-bird being chased by a tiger.
-This is quickly resolved by Oda shapeshifting into a bear, thereby scaring the tiger away.

Day 4
-Suddenly, the party hears drums.
-The sound is coming from the direction they are moving in.
-Nevertheless, te party continues on their way.
It does not take long before they are sorrounded by a tribe of halflings, all of them wearing tiki-masks.
-They all start to chant "CHAMPION! CHAMPION!"
-Romdral is picked out to fight the Kiki-tribe's champion.
-Leif tries sneakily to help from the sidelines, but none of his magic seems to work.
-Before long though, Romdral defeats the campion, and is crowned te new champion of the Kiki-tribe.
-Romdral gives the title back after they try to remove his armor to paint his chest.

-At the end of the day, the party stumbles upon an old overgrown building, that might once have been a grain-mill.
-After thorough searching of the old mill, the find an old dwarven warhammer beneath a heap of dirt and mold. It seems in pristine condition. Romdral claims the weapon.
-Wolf kills a snake he found beneath a rock.Romdral cooks it in beer. -> Beersnake/Bearsnake
-Oda and Wolf go hunting, and kill an elephant-bird.

Day 5
The party is moving westward now.
-The terrain seems to have changed. The bushes and trees seem to bear more flowers and fruit.
-More discussion of Beersnakes.
-The party camps for the night.
-During the night (on Wolf's watch). Dryads appear, and try to lure the only awake one into the jungle. Away from his friends.
-Wolf resists their magical charm, and fights them.
-The dryads run away when they see they are being outmatched.

Day 6
-Some half-eaten animal cadavers are lying on the side of their path.
-They hear hooting in the distance.
-Suddenly a feathered face appears behind some vines. An owlbear.
-It seems enraged somehow, and it also has a rider on its back. An orc, that also seems enraged.
-The party figures out that they both are "poisoned". Oda casts 'Cure Disease' on both of them. This causes the owlbear to flee, and the orc to become even more angry.
-They kill the Orc before he does any damage.
-Behind the vines, they find a camp, there are sighns that both the owlbear and the orc has eaten soe mushrooms.
-In a tree there is a cage, with a naked human male in it.
-They rescue him, and find out his name is Eghill. He suffers emory loss, and does not know how he got here.
-Eghill joins them, with no other options.

Day 7
-Sigvard says he recognises the area. He says that an open space with a humongus tree in the middle is directly to the west.
-Party investigates, and sure enough.
-They are all hesitant to move into the open space, but after some consulting Oda just goes for it.
-Turns out the tree is alive. His name is Cherrytwig, and he seems really happy to get some company. He explains to the party that he is the guardian of this jungle, than goes on to ask them for stories of their travels, since he has been alone for such a long time.
-The party stays with him, and shares stories and even some alcohol with Cherrytwig.
-Cherrytwig seems rather bumed about them leaving in the morning, so during the night (Romdral's watch). He tries to bind them in place with his roots.
-Romdral intimidates the ancient forest-guarian tree by threatening to turn him into toilet-brushes.
-Cherrytwig is sorry, and says he was actig rash. As a consolidation gift he grants the party one magical quarter-staff(can cast “locate trees or plants”, “speak with plants” or “barkskin”), and a magical acorn, that if eaten, answers any unanswered question about the natural world. (auto-success on nature check.)

Day 8
-Finally they are at the great temple.
-Looks like an entire civilization once lived here.
-It is totally abandoned.
-They plant the Beacon Stone.
-Then searches the place for a while. They find a few valuable gems and a Driftglobe (magical floaty glowy rock).
-Then they teleport home to Harper City.

Attack of the forest
A dragon is killed

The outpost in the forest across from Harp city had for the last couple of weeks been attacked by Ents, Blights, Mushroom pepole, and other creatures of the forest. Four brave warriors (INSERT NAMES) was sent out from Harp city into the forest to investigate what caused the sudden attacks. Under the first night of travel a huge beast interrupted the plans of sleep. An elephant with riders in a tower on its back passed by them, effords was made to stop it but nothing worked. The next day the adventures (INSERT NAMES) came across a pixie village. There they learned valuable Intel. A dragon wyrmling (referred to as She) had ceased control over several creatures of the forest. The adventures slay the dragon. (and discovered an orb, they did not report of the existence of the ord to the Harpers). Since then the attacks stopped, the Harpers retrieved the dragons corps, and are currently establising contact with the pixie village. 

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