Kollaborativ Verden for Både Kort og Bredt

The Drow Slavers

Characters in the party:

* Merric

* Wolf

"Helpful" NPCs:

*Florian the elf botanist

*Dreven Morelli, an undercover Harper in the drow slavers midst.


The adventure starts out with our two heroes escorting the botanist Florian to the wildlands.
The Harpers are looking for a plant to use for poisons, and the Bitanium Aziddius-plant contains a potent poison that paralyzes its victim.

After finding the grounds where the plant grows, the party was ambushed by a pack of Drows. Using the plants poison to their advantage, the drow quickly paralyzes the party, blindfolds them and carry them off to be sold as slaves in the underdark.

In the prison, they are visited by the dungeon's keeper, Lady Loom. She asks her companions if any of the 'new batch' are elvish. When she finds out Florian is an elf, she requests him to be brought to the sacrificial chamber by sundown.

About an hour after Lady Loom's visit, the players are set loose by Dreven Morelli. He also gives them their stuff back. His request is that they leave quietly, and leave Florian behind. To not enrage Lady Loom.

The players chooses to not heed Dreven's wish, and brings Florian with them on their escape.

They use some time to survey the area.

Then they stuble upon the sacrificial chamber. Where Lady Loom hangs out. 

She is suprise by their presence, but acts aloof. She says "Ah, I see the sacrifice has brought himself to the sacrificial chamber".

She summons a bunch of Chitines from an adjacent room, and the g\battle begins.

Wolf tries to keep the Chitines at bay, but they are slippery buggers, and not easily blocked off.

Merric tries to keep Lady Loom busy, but she does manage to tie down Florian and stab him with a sacrificial dagger. After that the drow's crew is dispatched, not without injury to our heroes.

Florian is in real bad shape though. He is beginning his transformation to become a Chitine himself.

Wolf does a quick ethical think-through before smashing the poor florist with his hammer.

Our heroes have a run in with some Cave Fishers on the way out, they sustain heavy damage and need to rest.

Here they run into Dreven again, he scolds them for ruining his operation and killing Lady Loom, but decides he will join forces with them to get them out of here.

In the last room they fight three drows, along with "the guardian". A Flameskull accompanied by 8 Crawling Claws to mimic the moves of a spider.

Dreven charges in and engages with the guardian. Blocking the way for his allies.

Wolf tries to help by killing the Crawling Claws when they climb onto Dreven, but ends up killing their poor drow friend instead.

They dispatch of their adversaries and collect their loot.


The End.



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