Kollaborativ Verden for Både Kort og Bredt

Attack of the forest

A dragon is killed

The outpost in the forest across from Harp city had for the last couple of weeks been attacked by Ents, Blights, Mushroom pepole, and other creatures of the forest. Four brave warriors (INSERT NAMES) was sent out from Harp city into the forest to investigate what caused the sudden attacks. Under the first night of travel a huge beast interrupted the plans of sleep. An elephant with riders in a tower on its back passed by them, effords was made to stop it but nothing worked. The next day the adventures (INSERT NAMES) came across a pixie village. There they learned valuable Intel. A dragon wyrmling (referred to as She) had ceased control over several creatures of the forest. The adventures slay the dragon. (and discovered an orb, they did not report of the existence of the ord to the Harpers). Since then the attacks stopped, the Harpers retrieved the dragons corps, and are currently establising contact with the pixie village. 



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